Photographer Creates Stunning Images Of “Water Bending” Between People’s Hands

Kyle Re Creative is the closest thing we have to a real life water bender. The full time photographer spends most of his time shooting weddings and lifestyle stuff, but has a strong passion for storytelling through his photos, which is exactly waht he did in this photo series.

First Kyle shoots multiple shots of his subjects at a very hight frame rate, and then manipulates the crystal clear water in post production, using Photoshop, to create something incredible. Although sure, it would be much cooler if that girl could actually water bend a horse in between here hands, it’s just not physically possible thanks to gravity. Although these photos give us an abstract illusion of what it might be like if we could defy it.

Although the photos are manipulated in post production, he still shares some of the original photos on his website. Which are still very impressive!

[H/T MyModernMet]

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