Situated near the far east city of Vladivostok, Russia, not far from the border of China and North Korea, is the lush, green Russky Island. And jutting out from the island into Peter the Great Gulf, in the Sea of Japan, is the Vyatlina Cape. At the end of that cape there is a beach, and on that beach stands a curiosity: hundreds of tall stacked stone towers.

Organized by Denis Gorbunov, ‘Stone Towers of the City by the Sea’ is a project that began in 2015, with 155 towers built to commemorate the city’s 155th anniversary. Gorbunov and his friends would build a new tower every day, and then people started visiting them, building their own, taking photos and posting to social media. The project gained momentum, so much so that when a nearby grotto collapsed and destroyed several towers, locals and tourists rebuilt hundreds more.

Some of the towers stand up to 3.5 meters (11 ft), and visitors report being amazed by them and the skill that went into creating them, as the towers are exposed to the elements of the sea and still stand.

The stone towers can be seen in the video below:

Additionally, there is a folklore incentive for people to build a stone tower – it’s said that building one will make your greatest wish come true. It may just be that the meditative building process, which requires balance and concentration, establishes an energetic focal point for manifestation of the wish, the fulfillment of which is represented by the physical completion of the tower.

The Cape does not get many international tourists – most are families enjoying a seaside holiday. The natural beauty of the cape can be seen in images below: