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In the Sacred Valley of Peru, lies one of the strangest hotels you’ll ever see. Miles away from any civilization lies three transparent capsules suspended 1,300 feet up on the side of a mountain. It’s called the Sky Lodge Hotel, and it’s an extremely popular spot for travellers to stay the night while backpacking through Peru.

What makes things even more interesting is how you get your room. There’s no elevator or stairs like your typical hotel, the only way to the top is to throw on some gear and start climbing. The journey isn’t easy either. In fact, it typically takes guests one and a half hours to scale the mountain, but once you reach the top, it’s more than worth it.

Guests will be treated to a gourmet dinner, and a bottle of champaign in the dining area, before heading back to their sleeping pods for a spectacular view of the Peruvian stars.When it’s time to check out, guests are given the option to take a giant zip-line down to the ground level. To send them back on the trail and on to their next destination.

The hotel was made by adventure company Natura Vive, who wanted to maintain a luxury experience while still adhering to the adventure seekers. And although it might not be the greatest place to stay if your afraid of heights, it’s safe to say that the SkyLodge is one of the most unique hotels in the world.