There Is Officially A Person With The Legal Name, Google

In 2017, Beyonce and Jay-Z tried to file a trademark for the name of their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, who is now seven years old. Veronica Morales, the owner of a wedding company called, Blue Ivy has filed against their trademark, claiming copyright infringement. As of 2019, the lawsuit hasn’t been settled. If Blue Ivy’s name is trademarked, it will mean that she is essentially both a human being and a commercial brand. As the daughter of two celebrities in the music industry whose combined personal wealth is roughly 1.35 billion U.S. dollars, Blue Ivy will probably be famous regardless of whether her name is branded. What would life be like for an unknown child who were named after an existing brand? Someday, baby Google will be able to definitively answer that question.

Google, who has neither a registered middle name nor a registered surname, was born to an Indonesian couple, Andi Cahya Saputra and Ella Karin, on November 30, 2018. At first, they considered giving him a traditional Indonesian name or a religious name inspired by the Quoran. By the time his wife was seven months pregnant, Saputra had decided he might consult another type of powerful entity when choosing his son’s name: an international technology company. He said he presented names such as Microsoft, iPhone, iOS, and Windows to his wife. She eventually consented to the name, Google. However, she says that, for the first three months of her son’s life, she was so embarrassed by his unconventional name that she only referred to him as Baby Boy. By 2019, she had gained confidence. Google’s name became an international human interest story after Karin posted a photo of her son’s birth certificate on social media. Her post was positively received, although some commenters joked that baby Google would have difficulty doing an Internet search for his own name when he became older.

Saputra says that, in a way, his son’s name is a traditional one. In the Indonesian tradition, he says, a name is like a prayer. His prayer, he says, is that his son will be as useful to others as the popular search engine for which he’s named. His mother says she hopes he becomes a leader among men.

Google’s birth is now international news. However, no individual, apart from those in his own family, is as excited by Google’s birth as the technology company for which he is named.  Google, the technology company, sent gifts to Google, the baby boy. His care package included a dark blue jumper with a white Google logo on it; since the Google logo is also the boy’s name, is his shirt officially monogrammed? Though Google’s mother was initially reluctant to give her son his uncommon name, she doesn’t regret her choice. She thanks Google for the kindness the company has shown to her family. She also says the technology company’s special recognition of their son has given confidence to her entire family. This includes Saputra, Karin, Google, and an older daughter with an undisclosed, traditional, Indonesian name.

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