Artist Grows A Book Entirely From Grass To Show the Value Of A Single Resource

Would you read a book made entirely out of grass? Well now you at least have the opportunity to do so thanks to German artist Diana Scherer. She teamed up with Irish ad agency Rothco to create “The Book That Grew”. A 22 page book manipulated from the living plants and roots that can actually be picked up and read.

The project wasn’t just to SEE if they could it was to SHOW that they could, in an effort to promote sustainable agriculture. By creating the book they set out to show the world, mainly targeting the agriculture and farming market, how powerful a single resource can be. Which is exactly what the contents of the book talk about.

“The idea of growing a book from grass roots about grass management and sustainability was beautifully simple and powerful,” Rothco creative director Ray Swan said. “We knew it would be difficult, maybe even impossible, because nobody has ever tried this before, but in Allied Irish Bank (AIB) we had a client who was willing to go on this journey with us.”

Take a look at the video below to see their entire process of how the took this idea to fruition.

[H/T Oddity Central]

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