Korea is home to cute café’s with arty designs, from a cartoon cafe painted to look like a fine line drawing to a café in the shape of a Rolleiflex camera. In Korea there are plenty of places to sip on coffee and enjoy sweet cakes designed to a theme as you’re surrounded by a quirky design. These are just some of the cafés that are very cute, quirky and a must see for those who love something a little different.

The Cartoon Cafe

Immerse yourself in Korea’s cartoon café designed to make you feel as though you’re dining in a cartoon world. This extremely Instagramable café allows you to step into another world as your surroundings appear to be in 2D. Everything from the walls, chairs and crockery has been carefully designed to appear 2D. The concept of this café originated and was inspired by the Korean cartoon “w” by Lee Jong-suk and Han Hyo-joo. In the cartoon “w” the characters clash between two worlds the real and the fictional cartoon world.

Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 is named after its address but inside it still has an edge on many other café’s. Everything down to the crockery and cutlery is painted white with black lines to give it a flat impression. The café owner and artist has made the whole café into a fine line drawing giving its visitors a completely immersive experience.

The Dreaming Camera Café

Six miles east of Seoul sits the Dreaming Camera Café, the two-storey café is in the shape of a Rolleiflex camera and inside is a coffee shop and a miniature camera museum. The quirky coffee shop is one of kind and truly the place of dreams as it sits in idyllic countryside perfect for a picture. If you love coffee and are a fan of photography then this café is a must visit.

The design of the café was thought up by a former helicopter pilot for the South Korean Air Force, he had a passion for photography and cameras and wanted to create a place for his family to enjoy. The café was dedicated to his family and filled with miniature camera. In the Dreaming Camera Café, you can appreciate the cameras and the cafés quirky design as you enjoy your caramel latte looking out to enjoy the view from a camera-lens window.

The Poop Themed Cafe

Prepare to be shocked rather than amazed at the next one, in Korea there is a poop themed café. This may sound bazaar, but this café is actually quite cute! In this hilarious poop themed café, you can expect to be served your coffee in a toilet bowl with food shaped like poop as a delicious side. The Ddo-Ong Café, even has decorations following the poop theme, from toilet shaped potted plants and wall art, this café will truly have you amazed with its bazaar theme.

The Racoon Cafe

Cat and dog cafes are something we have all heard about now and the underlying cuteness attracts visitors to dine with their fury friends. However, in Korea the Blind Alley café has put a twist on this cute idea and created a raccoon café. The café specialises in simply coffee and cake and you can find the cute raccoons in a separate room to make sure they don’t nibble on all the confectionary. Raccoons sleep most of the day so you’ll be lucky to find one to play with, but this place sure is another bazaar and quirky café in Korea that’s great for animal lovers.

Get & Show

Get & Show café in Seoul is great for those who love Lego as this café is Lego themed. The café has a vast collection of Lego merchandise and even a Lego vending machine. In the Get & Show café you can hire Lego to play with, so you can get creative while you sip on your coffee. The café is filled with figurines, castles, houses and Lego characters and even Lego-shaped chocolate, perfect for anyone looking for a coffee and wanting to reminisce over childhood memories of playing with Lego.