speed camera lottery

Stockholm Sweden has a very strange way of dealing with speeding motorists. They call it the Speed Camera Lottery. If you drive under the speed limit while going by a speed camera you’ll be entered in a lottery where the prize fund comes from the fines of the speeders. The biggest pay out to date was a whopping $20,000 Krona, which is roughly $2,200 US dollars.

The idea, invented by Kevin Richardson, was made as an experiment for a contest called The Fun Theory. And since the lottery started the average speed has reduced from 32 km/h to 25 km/h. Which is exactly the speed limit of the cities main roads!

The sad truth of the speed camera lottery is that this system was only for a short time on one road. Although it has been brought forth to the government to see if the country wants to run with the idea.

When asked about his submission Richardson said “All the attention seems to go on the bad apples – the people who are breaking the law – and there’s really no attention given to the people obeying the law,”

With the success of the experiment, the idea is now in the hands of the government if they want to pick it up and continue the lottery full time.