Japanese architect Shinsuke Fujii has designed the first slanted book case that you can climb up to get your books. Although this is definitely not the first bookcase that is “climbable”, most of those old libraries require one of those wheelie ladders to get to your desired books, but not Fujii’s design. Thanks to the right angle, and the sturdiness of the structure, the book shelves actually become their own ladder!

The shelving design is not only a fun idea, but when it also offers some insurance when it comes to earthquakes, which in Japan are quite frequent. Due to the angle of the shelving units, when an earthquake hits the books have enough room and high enough angle that nothing will fall out of the cubby holes.

The design runs from the floor right up to the ceiling, which adds some major feng shui to the building, and thanks to the innovative design is now practical too!

[H/T Shinsuke Fujii, Spoon & Tamago]