Since Roombas were first introduced to the public they’ve slowly gotten more and more advanced with every released, and with every release they seem to be more humanized with their A.I. But what if we added added a voice to it’s A.I., one that would yell and curse as soon as it bumped into a wall, desk, table, etc. Because that’s exactly what I do every time I stub my toe on my bedside table, so why shouldn’t a robot do the exact same thing?

Well after many (and I me and many) comments from Youtuber Michael Reeves audience, he finally built in such a feature to the typical Roomba, by simply buying one and modifying it with a sensor that pumps out pre-programmed audio clips every time is bumps into something.

The video has gone insanely viral recently, with over 7 million views already, and it just may be my favourite roomba mod to date, even more than the program that creates playable Doom maps from your Roomba data. He even went one step further and tried to return the Roomba, complaining to customer service that “I got this Roomba a while ago. When it hits a wall, it yells”. Unfortunately he didn’t keep his receipt, so the Roomba that Michael say is ““simply too far ahead of its time,” will have to stay in his house, screaming inappropriate words while it picks up his trash.

[H/T Bored Panda]