Restaurant In Lanzarote Cooks Its Food Over A Giant Volcano

This restaurant in Lanzarote cooks its food over a volcano, not only is this one of the most unique ways of cooking, it’s also probably one of the most dangerous. Cooking food at 450 degrees Celsius, this island restaurant cooks meats and fish over the extreme heat of a volcano. El Diablo restaurant in Lanzarote, uses the immense geothermal heat from the dormant volcano to cook its food. This giant barbeque makes the restaurant a unique place to visit in the heart of the Timanfaya National Park, surrounded by the fire mountains and scenic panoramic views, the restaurant is a brilliantly unique place to eat out.

Cooking over a volcano may sound risky but the last eruption of the volcano was in 1824, so scientists have given the wild and daredevil cooking method the all clear and approved it. El Diablo restaurant relies on the bursts of heat or hot vapour from the dormant volcano to be able to cook with it. This hot vapour rises through a hole in the ground which then barbeques the meat which is placed on a cast iron grill.

Back in 1970 architects Eduardo Caceres and Jesus Soto, designed a non-conventional cooking system so it could withstand the heat of the volcano. Using nine layers of volcanic basalt rock to form the grill they were able to make the cooking method safe. The architects said that scientists have confirmed the cooking method is safe, volcanologists were also consulted to check the unusual cooking methods. Since many delicious dishes have been created and tourists flock to the restaurant to get a taster of the uniquely cooked food.

It’s not just the fantastic food and unusual cooking methods that bring tourists to El Diablo, but also its picturesque landscape which can all be seen from the panoramic windows in the restaurant. Visitors can enjoy a three-course meal with a view and also explore the area with a volcanic experience. Guests can take part in a volcanic tour to see the cooking methods used in the restaurant.

The area of Lanzarote is famous for its picturesque Fire Mountains, or otherwise known as Montans del Fuego. The Fire Mountains were created back in the 18th century when over 100 volcanoes formed on the island in the canaries. The mountains have hardly changed since their creation, this is because there is hardly any rainfall in the area causing a very small amount of erosion, so you can gaze out at the views while you eat and it will be the same view as it was in 1824!

These mountains are popular with tourists visiting the island and this restaurant only increases the popularity. So, if you want to taste Canarian food cooked by a volcano at temperatures reaching between 450 and 500 degrees Celsius, you may want to book early.

[H/T DailyMail]

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