Company Jumps On The Autumn Bandwagon And Creates Pumpkin Spice Spam

It’s almost that time of the year again where everything seems to be sprinkled with a little pumpkin spice. I even sprinkle a little bit on my pillow when I go to bed at night (shh, don’t tell anyone). So it wasn’t even that surprising when I stumbled upon this can of Spam that was pumpkin spice flavoured.

The strange part of this whole phenomenon is that the product actually came from fake news, when, in October 2017, the Spam Facebook page posted a fake picture of the product.

The post when super viral, and two years later the fake news actually became real news!

It’s set to release on September 23rd on the online Spam Shop (which I also didn’t know was a thing) and Walmart. The price has yet to be determined, but you can guarantee I’m going to be saving up my allowance so I can make a mean pumpkin spice spamwich!

[H/T Geekologie]

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