Everbody poops, but some people poop like champions, specifically people who eat the Poop Like A Champion cereal. This company set out to make a cereal with the highest source of fiber on the market. It has the highest fiber content per 30g than any other cereal on the market, and you can get 100% of daily fiber intake in just 1.5 servings, which is only about 180 calories!

The company doesn’t really consider it to be as much of a cereal than it is a colon cleanse product with a great name. And not only does it help you “poop like a champion”, but it also aids all the other great benefits of fiber, like reducing bloating, getting a flat tummy, helping digestion and getting rid of unwanted toxins.

The cereal is available on Amazon, and it comes out to be just about $1.50 per serving.