Anyone who has shared a meme about setting eating pizza in bed as a relationship goal can now make that relationship goal a reality. Boston Pizza, a family friendly pizza restaurant and sports bar with more than three hundred ninety locations across Canada, is the country’s largest casual dining chain. Its name is a misnomer. Greek founder, Gus Agioritis, named his chain after the city of Boston, because he believed the evocation of the Massachusetts city would lend authority to his corporate brand. The company earns its trustworthiness by appealing to its customers with practical, playful marketing.

In 2018, the company developed a pizza box specially designed for the convenience of people who wish to enjoy their pizza while lying in bed. A 2016 study revealed that most Canadians consumed the majority of their daily calories while they were at home. Though it’s unclear whether anyone involved with the Boston Pizza franchise is aware of that study, the restaurant chain is certainly taking steps to maximize the convenience for patrons eating at home.

Paul Little, the Creative Director at john st., the agency that designed the limited edition box for Boston Pizza, says a customer’s convenience was the most important consideration in every aspect of the product’s design. The pizza box, which has fold out legs that allow a person to position it like a food tray while lying in bed, needed to be high enough to fit over a person’s leg. It also needed to be low enough to allow someone to eat off of it while in a reclining position. Little’s design accounted for the average depth someone sinks into a bed versus the average person’s leg length. He also took into account the average weight of a pizza. Designers spent months making sure the box was safe and easy to use. It’s created entirely of cardboard, in order to ensure it meets food and safety standards. Little says, “It sounds ridiculous, but knowing some lucky people [were] be able to eat pizza in bed makes [the work] all worth it.”

Users of this specially designed pizza box were lucky, since its release was limited. In 2018, Boston Pizza ran a promotion for Father’s Day. Customers were invited to comment on a Father’s Day video Boston Pizza posted on Twitter, tagging the father figures in their lives. Winners of the BP In Bed experience were awarded one hundred Canadian dollars worth of Boston Pizza merchandise, including pizza in the limited edition specialty boxes. The specialty boxes were available solely to customers who won the promotion.

Boston Pizza may not offer all of its customers the opportunity to eat pizza in bed, but it does have a reputation for consistently offering a creative, whimsical approach to marketing. Patio season is a tradition in Toronto. When the weather is mellow, citizens favor food that is easy to eat on patios and at outdoor cafés. Boston Pizza acknowledged this cultural trend. In 2018, the chain released tiny, white plastic patio chairs to complement the tiny, white plastic separating tables included in each delivery box to prevent the box top from crushing the pizza.