We want our furry babies to lead satisfying lives. One way to show our love for them is to make sure that they have sufficient opportunity to exercise. A regular exercise regimen for a cat may prevent obesity and arthritis, decrease depression, increase energy, and provide a cat with enjoyable physical challenges. The Korean company, Pet Ding, has designed a new product for pet owners seeking a unique approach to their beloved feline’s exercise routine. Like a treadmill, the circular, The Little Cat can be set to different speeds.

The speeds are controlled by an app on the cat owner’s Smartphone. There is also an LED light included to motivate the cat. The light can also be controlled by the owner. Not only can an owner design his or her cat’s workout routine, he or she can also monitor it. The owner can watch the cat through a live camera feed, record voice samples to motivate the cat, and use the app as a fitness tracker to record run data to develop a customized exercise plan.

Retail price for The Little Cat, released in 2019, is up to one thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars. For pet owners who can’t even afford to spend that much on their own exercise equipment, the American company, One Fast Cat, which is based in California, designed a cat wheel in 2018. One Fast Cat is designed like a large hamster wheel, propelled by the cat’s motion. One Fast Cat has a retail price ranging from one hundred ninety-nine to two hundred forty dollars.

Veterinarians on the online site, Medicine Center, say both One Fast Cat and The Little Cat are safe for cats to use. However, one does caution that owners who purchase The Little Cat may want to limit their use of the laser pointer, since regular access to a laser pointer may make cats reluctant to diversify their exercise regimen.

However, an owner can create an exercise regimen that is less costly and more interactive than the options offered by One Fast Cat and The Little Cat cat wheels. It is possible to walk a cat on a leash, provided an owner starts training his or her cat early and initially trains the cat by putting the cat on a leash indoors. Other cat toys that promote fitness include: cat wands, cat towers, balls, rinks (plastic circles with balls for cats to bat inside), agility courses (an excellent use for cardboard boxes), and agility classes, which are offered by some community centers.

Like some humans, some cats benefit from having a workout buddy. For anyone who is looking for a justifiable reason to open his or her home and heart to another feline friend: Having more than one cat in the home may benefit each cat’s health! The most important part of a cat’s exercise routine is the owner’s commitment to consistency.