These circular subdivision look like some sort of alien civilization, but in actual fact, their new(ish) subdivisions that the city of Copenhagen, Denmark has put in. They’re not just there to save space, or look futuristic, they actually serve a purpose for the citizens of the Dutch capital.

When applied for, local residents can rent out the lots if they are looking to grow their own gardens. Due to the way each plot of land is set up, gives a long vertical area for people to garden, as opposed to regular subdivisions which just provide a very small lengthwise area.

The houses are known by the community as “Colony Gardens” and can be lived in between the months of April-October. After these months the residencies are vacant, and nothing can be grown on the land, due to the winter months.

These stunning shots were taken by Photographer Henry Do on his vacation to Copenhagen. Who apparently just stumbled across these subdivisions and was absolutely intrigued by the concept.

[H/T Henry_Do]