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Secret World Rings
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Secret World Rings

This artists makes rings with tiny landscapes inside of them. They’re called called secret world rings, and they’re inspired by real life events, like the aurora borealis, the Northern lights, or even an erupting volcanos. Each one is handmade using wood, resin, and a special blend of wax and oils to preserve the ...

The Death Watch
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The Death Watch

This watch takes your age, weight, and gender and counts down to your statistical date of death. The watch was created by a company named TIKKER, who created it, despite what you may initially think, as a way to carry a sign of positivity around with you. The goal of the Death Watch is to constantly remind you to ...

VHS T-120 Sneakers
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VHS T-120 Sneakers

These shoes were designed to look exactly like a VHS tape. The company MoonLambo decided to take one of those old classic T-120 Video Cassettes, and basically just turn it into a nostalgic sneaker. The 80’s colour way screams of your dad’s basement, and they even come in their very own cassette tape box. They're ...

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