Every year at the San Diego Comic-Con there’s a whole bunch of crazy good cosplayers that pretty much only come to show off the costumes they’ve been working on all year, but this year there was one that stood out above the rest. Cosplayer Hot Glue Burns decided to show of his Captain Native America costume this year, and the internet has totally approved of it.

Since his initial post on reddit the cosplayer has received some overwhelming support and love. So much that Casey (the cosplayer) decided to make a special statement to his followers and all the people on reddit that made his costume “blow up”. The message was particularly about him representing Native Americans the way he did…

“I have to say, the overwhelming response I have received so far is about the lack of representation in media. It was one of my main motivations in making the costume… I ended up having so many great conversations about this at the convention. And It meant a lot to have people coming and actually asking for hugs because they were genuinely so happy to see my costume. Really rewarding and inspiring experience for sure.”

The idea even got so popular that artist William White decided to turn his character into a fully fledged animated superhero.

[via Neatorama]