Millions of pounds of trash floats in the Baltimore harbour, harming fish and wildlife in the area, but a solution to this plastic pollution has been found in the form of a giant floating mechanism called MR. Trash Wheel. This floating plastic cleaner has large eyes which are affixed to its hood giving it the recognisable characteristic of MR.Trash Wheel. In 2014 the giant mechanism was installed into the Baltimore harbour and since then it has scooped up 150 miles of cigarette butts, a whopping 638,594 plastic bags, 1,000,000 Styrofoam containers and one ball python!

Mr.Trash Wheel has consumed over a million pounds of plastic which would have otherwise polluted the Baltimore harbour and harmed the local wildlife. The semi-autonomous machine uses the power of the sun to move its conveyor belt. With this belt the rubbish and mounds of plastic is raked out of the water and up the sturdy conveyor belt. The mechanism loads bigger objects onto a separate barge for recycling and general disposal. Strong enough to rake in and hoist trees, kegs and mattresses out of the harbour Mr.Trash Wheel has been a saving grace to the wildlife in the area freeing it from the toxic pollution of Baltimore’s trash.

The friendly face of MR. Trash Wheel was created by the engineer and sailor, John Kellett. He had seen the harbour become more and more polluted with trash, especially plastic for over twenty years and he wanted to do something about this terrible build-up of pollution and came up with the idea of MR. Trash Wheel. The solution of MR. Trash Wheel has also helped lead to the state-wide ban on Styrofoam food containers and it is in fact the first state to ban it in the country! MR.Trash Wheel’s lovable googly eyes and great job of cleaning up the water means he has a huge number of fans who have witnessed the devastating amount of rubbish he scoops out of the water on a daily basis.

John Kellet has ensured MR.Trash Wheel is not alone in the harbour and he is now also joined by two cousin interceptors, Professor Trash Wheel and Captain Trash Wheel. These new mechanisms also have the recognisable cartoonish eyes attached to the front of their wide-mouthed exteriors. Perhaps we’ll be seeing more machines like MR. Trash Wheel across the US clearing the waterways of floating garbage.

[H/T ThisIsColossal]