Japanese Artist Turns Old Amazon Boxes Into Incredible 3D Sculptures

What do you do with your old amazon boxes? Me personally, I throw mine in my junk closet until it starts to overflow and gets to the point of embarrassment, but this Japanese artist chose to turn hers into art. For Monomi Ohno, all the leftover cardboard was the perfect building material for her 3D sculptures.

It started out during Ohno’s college years at Osaka University, where she studied 3D animation. Back then 3D modeling was super expensive, and like most college students Ohno didn’t have the necessary funds, so she used what she had laying around, which was a whole boat load of cardboard!

The sculptures started out just as a way to test her 3D models before bringing them onto the computer, but her art started to get some interesting feedback from friends and colleagues. Some of the sculptures were so intricate that they needed to be shown to the world, and thus turning Ohno into the world famous carboard artist that she has know become known as.

Credit: Monami Ohno (H/T MyModernMet, BoredPanda)

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