This photo surfaced on Reddit the other day, which at first appearance looked like a close up on a piece of metal or bark, but it’s actually quite the opposite, it’s a very far away aerial shot of New Delhi, India. Specifically the Neighbourhoods of Santosh Park and Uttam Nagar.

The reason it looks so different from every other aerial landscape, is due to the blandness of the city of New Delhi. In any other aerial landscapes you can see a broad range of parks, pools, forests, and different coloured houses, but nothing seems to stick out in this photo, just a vast land of greyness. If you zoom in on the photo you can see it starts resemble something of a city…

The images were shot by and distributed through the popular instagram account Daily Overview, which feature a range of stunning landscapes captured from the skies. It’s become so popular they even got their very own book deal to feature all of their aerial photographs.

[via Daily Overview]