VHS T-120 Sneakers

These shoes were designed to look exactly like a VHS tape. The company MoonLambo decided to take one of those old classic T-120 Video Cassettes, and basically just turn it into a nostalgic sneaker. The 80’s colour way screams of your dad’s basement, and they even come in their very own cassette tape box. They’re currently available for pre-order on the MoonLambo website, and are going for $189.99 a pair (although it says there are only 5 in stock right now).

Product Specs

1、High-grade First Layer Outer Shell 
2、Breathable Premium Cotton Infilling
3、Color Stripe Printing
4、Two-color Wear Rubber Outsole for durability
5、Two Sutures On The Head and Back are More Firm
6、The Side of The Lining is Marked with Size Details
7.   After The Shoe and Sole are Combined, The Suture Line is Reinforced for Durability
8.   Limited production run once we sell out the are gone.

Yup That Exists
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