All of us understand (if not on a surface level, deep down and subconsciously) that our time on this planet is very, very limited in the grand scheme of things.

Father Time waits for none of us, and he always wins the race. Eventually (like all those before us) we too will pass on to whatever experience awaits us, and it’s something that is both comforting and distressing at the exact same time.

For a variety of different reasons, a lot of people simply aren’t all that comfortable knowing that they are going to spend a lot more time on planet Earth inside of a coffin than they ever did walking around on their own two legs – and many more want nothing at all to do with ending up as “worm food”.
Thankfully, with these new and very inventive burial pod tree coffins, you’ll never have to worry about spending the rest of your time in a pine box!

Look, there really isn’t anything all that exciting about becoming an undertaker.

After all, all these people really end up being is the conductor of their last earthly experience before they end up being put in the ground to be forgotten for the rest of time.
However, thanks to an ingenious team called the Capsula Mundi Project in Italy, this isn’t any longer the case.

Fueled entirely by their love of all living things (but especially trees), this team has created an organic and biodegradable “burial pod” that transforms a human body into all of the fuel and food necessary to grow beautiful trees right above where they are buried.

Though the Italian government has laws that specifically prohibit people from being buried in this manner or would this kind of technology, those laws do not exist everywhere around the world and people are already lining up to take advantage of this inventive way of being married.

If you’ve always wanted to live on long after you have passed, and wanted to be able to have a tangible impact on the earth for hundreds of years after your body has decayed, this is going to be right up your alley.

This is one way to establish a true “memory forest” rather than leave your body behind in a cemetery.

Source: CNN