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If you’ve ever lost a pet you’ll know the traumatic feelings it can have on your family and yourself for that matter. Well, now thanks to a lab in South Korea and of course a big shout out to science, there’s a solution to this problem.

Since 2016 a biotech company, called Sooam, has been offering clients to clone their dead pets for a sum of $100,000. Since then they’ve had over 600 costumers who were ecstatic to be “reunited” with their loved ones.

Once your beloved pet passes away there’s a 5 day window in order for you to be eligible. You’ll needto ship off some sort of tissue sample ASAP and have it in the hands of the lab within 5 days of your pooches death.

After about 4 months of your new cloned pet being supervised by the facilities they’re shipped off to your owner.

The cloning process being used has actually been around for over 50 years, in fact it’s the same method that was used to clone Dolly, the very first animal to be cloned.

They first extract cells from your given tissue sample, then an egg is obtained from a donor pet and the nucleus is replaced. Finally this new egg is given an electric shock and placed inside a surrogate mother.

The surrogate doesn’t even need to be the same breed as your dog, once the egg is placed inside, the breed, gender, and physical attributes are already set.

Some customers have actually used the service just to give their pup a “clone buddy”, like a mini me of some sorts, except exactly identical in every way. So far no one has had any problems with them.

The next stop on Sooams list of things to do is to team up with another cloning company based in Russia to clone a Woolly Mammoth.

Proof: SOOAM