Our imaginations are great. They can come up innovative solutions, help us see what our future may be like, and help us empathize with other people. Sometimes however our imaginations can be used to create really scary things. Consider for a moment horror films, where an evil creature is brought to life, representing perfectly the deeper fears and anxieties we as people have. While these creations are terrifying, we at least know that they are figments of our imagination. So, when we experience something in real life that is just as evil and horrifying, it is no wonder that we react with concern. For men everywhere, the testicle biting fish is just that. No, this is not a creation of our imagination. It exists, and it is coming to Great Britain.

The Pacu is a cousin to the piranha. You know that vicious fish that that can get so worked up that it can cannibalize on other piranha? Yeah, the cousin of that fish is making its way into the waterways of England. Now, the first thing you may think when looking at the Pacu is that it is terrifying. With human like teeth, it is designed to break apart nuts that fall from tropical trees. The teeth are incredible sharp, and can typically cut through just about anything thrown at them.

Now take for a moment, and consider what else is about the size of jungle nuts. Consider for a moment that the Pacu will be out of its native environment, and wandering around the British waters looking for food. You guessed it. Men, watch out!

There have been many confirmed cases in their native habitat of the Pacu biting off and eating testicles. Known as the Ball Cutter and the Nut Cracker, the Pacu have a sinister legacy in their native land for making men incapable of having children. The perfect size for the fish, they are naturally drawn to male genitalia when they become hungry enough. When an individual is not wearing swim trunks, they end up putting themselves in a great deal of risk from this scary, nightmare inducing fish. The best way you can protect yourself is to simply wear swim trunks. They have been proven to be enough to stop the Pacu from attacking. Remember, friends do not let friends skinny dip!