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What if there was a way to travel back in time and experience the popular drive-in theatre that the 50’s brought us. Well thanks to the August Moon Drive-In, you can get pretty close to that same nostalgic feeling.

The theatre offers guests the ability to hit the drive-ins any day of the week. Whether it’s rain or shine, winter or summer, you can head to their 40,000 square foot dome, and catch a flick. The inside of the dome is like no other. You’d think it would look like your everyday movie theatre, but no, August Moon sets the circa 1965 mood, with full sized trees, patches of grass, gravel walkways, and even 50 classic cars for you to sit in.

You don’t even need to borrow your step moms mini van that smells exactly like her 16 year old dog Fluffy. Instead of “seats” you get to sit in real vintage cars. Other attractions surrounding the theatre include a fully licensed bar, American comfort food, a separate lounge for live music, and private tree houses that you can rent out.

The $10 million dollar project is a creation from the mind of Michael Counts. Who is most famously known for the creation of “the walking dead experience” and several other successful escape rooms around New York City. To keep with the whole Americana theme, Counts and his team are planning on doing screenings of old classic movies, but will still offer all the current blockbuster films that are in theatres.

The theatre is set to open at some point in 2018 acording to their website, and the first location will be in Nashville, although there is no confirmed date yet, or any hints on how much ticket prices will run. All I know is that they are planning to offer season passes, and I would totally grab one if it wasn’t located thousands of miles away from me.