Today on yup that exists, a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding, the loneliest place on earth, and a cat that can your predict death.

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A Fruit That Tastes Like Chocolate Pudding

The black sapote is arguably the most delicious fruit in the world. This is due to the fact that it tastes almost exactly like chocolate pudding. The tropical fruit is a species of Persimmon that is mainly found in Mexico and Columbia, but there have been more and more places, like Florida, Australia, cuba, the Philippians, and Hawaii, that have started to grow the fruit and distribute it.

The consistency of the black sapote is very similar to actual chocolate pudding, except it’s 100 times better for you, and is jam packed with vitamin C. In fact it has four times more vitamin C than an orange.

The loneliest place on earth

If you’ve ever felt down or depressed and just wanted to get away from it all, then Point Nemo is the place to go. Point Nemo, also known as the oceanic pole of inaccessibility, is the most isolated place on the face of the earth. The reason being that the closest shore is 1,000 miles equidistantly form 3 shores, making it the furthest place from any landmass you can possibly be in the world.

It’s so far away that technically the closest people to you would be the crew on the International Space Station.

A Cat that can your predict death

This is Oscar the therapy cat who lives in a nursing home in Rhode Island. Oscar has successfully predicted the deaths of over 100 residents in the home. He is so precise that the nurses now notify the patient’s family if Oscar has been sleeping in their room or hanging around them more frequently than the others.

According to the nurses in the home, Oscar is one of the more anti-social cats that they know, except of coarse when a patient is nearing their death. Then he becomes inseparable with that person.

The only logical explanation scientists have come up with, is that Oscar has some sort of irregular ability that allows him to smell biochemicals released by dying cells.