This artist recently created something spectacular on the streets of Utrecht (a city in the Netherlands). He goes by the name Jan Is De Man, and with some help from tattoo artist Deef Feed, turned this old decrepit apartment building into a giant work of art that is bringing the community together.

The project came to fruition thanks to one of De Man’s friends who live in the building. After getting permission from the building owner, they asked De Man several times to work his magic on the side, to which he originally declined. Once they asked one too many times he caved and decided to get to work. His first design was a giant smiley face, due to the fact that smiley faces have been proven to boost peoples mood, but seeing as the building was oddly shaped, he changed his mind last minute, and used the contours to his advantage.

De Man has said that the books, especially the carefully selected titles used in the work, have really brought the community together. And it was done in a way that wasn’t forced our contrived, people are just naturally brought together through books.

[Credit: Jan Is De Man H/T: My Modern Met]