This vending machine is a little kids dream, although there’s not many vending machines that aren’t, but this one doesn’t spit out Hershey bars and skittles, it contains prepackaged snowballs! That’s right, located at 212 3rd Ave N, Minneapolis, the “Real Minnesota Snowballs” machine will give you a can containing a perfectly round snowball for only $1. Each can has a pull off top to keep your snowball as fresh as possible, and it even has the date it was packaged on the side of the can.

Every single ball is hand packaged with real Minnesota snow by Space150, the digital ad agency behind the “oddball” project. I’m not going to argue with their logistics on this one, because their margins on the snowball vending machine must be insanely good!

Imagine finding yourself mid snowball fight and you’re fresh out of snow, empty those pockets and get your change in that machine as fast as you frickin can! Or better yet, why not grab some before you need them, just like a plunger or a fire extinguisher, it’s always best to HAVE them before you NEED them.