Scientists Design A Thermochromatic Window That Can Turn Sunlight Into Electricity

You’ve probably seen thermochromatic items before, like mood rings, transition eye glasses, or those cups change color when heat is added. But the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has recently found a much better use for it. They have created a window that has the ability to absorb sunlight and store that energy (kind of like a see-through solar panel). Not only can this energy be turned into electricity but it also helps cool the building, meaning less energy used and less money that needs to be spent on air conditioning. You can see a video of one in action below:

Now how much will these windows cost? I don’t know. It may never be a feasible option for businesses to incorporate it into their buildings, but just having this technology available is a big step forward!

(VIA: MyModernMet)

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