Today on Yup That Exists, the real life Hogwarts school, a tree that bleeds, and the greatest job in the world: a panda nanny.

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1.A Real Life Hogwarts School

In Poland there is a real life Hogwarts school, or at least as close as you’re going to get to one. The College of Wizardry is a 4 day live action role playing event where you’ll be sorted into a house, interact with magical creatures, learn spells, and stay overnight in a replica of the Hogwarts castle.

The College of Wizardry events are usually held 5 times a year, with each one housing roughly 130 participants. Once you’ve signing up for the LARP event, you actually have the option to play a teacher at the school, or as a student in their junior, sophomore or senior year.

People have said the one of the best parts of the whole event were all the secret passageways located all around the 13th century castle.

Tickets range from 165 to 640 pounds for the entire event.

2. Trees that bleed

There’s a tree in Africa that looks like it’s bleeding when you cut it down. In Africa it’s known as the Kiaat, Mukwa, or mununga tree, but the most common name for it is the Bloodwood tree.

When the bloodwood tree is cut down it releases a deep crimson sap that looks very similar to human blood. Oddly the saps purpose is to coagulate and actually heal it’s own wounds, just like human blood.

To this day the tree’s sap is used by the local tribes to treat medical conditions like malaria, ringworm, and stomach pains. It’s also given to new mothers to increase their output of breast milk.

3. Panda Nanny

Being a Panda Nanny could possibly be the greatest job in the world. The position basically entails that you babysit, or “pandasit”, for a litter of up to 15 newborn pandas.

The job is currently available at the China Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in Ya’an. Although it’s the actual position is called panda caretaker, I just think Panda Nanny has a better ring to it, it actually pays $32,000 per year.

There are however there are a few qualifications. Applicants must be at least 22 years of age, have writing and photography skills, and have some basic knowledge of pandas. Other than that you’re welcome to apply online on their website.