Let’s be honest, apart from the whole fact that we would probably die if it didn’t exist, rain sucks, and this bubble tea shop in downtown Vancouver couldn’t agree more. They hate rain so much that they actually give their customers a discount when its raining out. Even if they have an umbrella, or one of those rain ponchos that looks like you’re wearing a garbage bag.

The bubble tea shop, called Exposure, calls it the “f#ck rain” discount, and entitles any costumer 10% off of anything they buy. They even print it right there on your receipt (minus that little censorship pound symbol I had to use). Here’s a tweet form twitter user @LolYugi who bought his bubble tea just like he usually did, except this time he took a look at the receipt.

Since this post, the picture had it’s fair share of virality on the internet (is virality even a word? If not it totally should be) after being picked up on reddit and regurgitated to many other news sites (and then finally to this one).

The tactic has been very successful at bringing in new costumers to the shop when it’s raining, and if you’ve ever been to Vancouver before, you know that it rains a lot, so it makes for many “f#ck rain” discounts. If you’re ever in Vancouver and looking to get the discount Exposure is located at #131-4600 No. 3 Road.

[H/T NarCity]