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This toilet paper is HUGEEEE. Whatever your political beliefs are, it's safe to say that either way it's nice to wipe yourself up with the President of the United States. After a long hard day of taking crap from the man, you can now literally give a little bit back with the Donald Trump toilet paper. One roll of this 2 ply toilet paper includes 240 sheets, each with a great quality shot of Donald Trumps face on it. Free Shipping Worldwide.


Wouldn't it be awesome if it could feel like you're walking on freshly cut grass all the time? Well now you can with a pair of your very own grass sandals. Although it's just imitation grass these bad boys feel like the real thing, plus you don't have to water them! Free Shipping Worldwide


Magic Thinking Putty puts regular putty to shame with it's capabilities. It does the same stuff a normal putty would do except it has it's very own magnetic field around it. Millions of tiny micron-sized magnets are infused into each handful of the magical putty. Each case of putty comes with it's very own magnet, so you can control your new creation like a mad scientist or snake charmer. Free Shipping Worldwide


Show the rain what you really think of it with the middle finger umbrella. Sure you can give the middle finger to puddles and those dark rain clouds yourself, but this way you can constantly be flipping the bird towards the problem at hand. Frankly we’ve had just about enough and we’re taking it out on mother nature while we sing raindrops keep falling on my head on the way home. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Or even better, just go away all together. Free Shipping Worldwide

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Show your true love for pizza at the beach or in the park with the Pizza Beach Towel. There's nothing better than eating a pizza while sitting on a pizza, is there? Each towel is made from the finest quality Chiffon, measuring roughly 150cm in width and length. They really look just as delicious as the real thing! Free Shipping Worldwide

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If you're the kind of person that feels awkward when it comes to eating a banana in public, then this "rude" shaped lipstick is going to make you feel like you're starring in your very own adult film. This hilarious novelty lipstick comes in 8 different shades, and will put any old cylinder lipstick to shame. The best part is that you don't have to worry about those gross droopy things dangling around. Free Shipping Worldwide

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The Scratch Map Travel Globe is pretty and presentable way to keep track of all the places you have been to. If you went to a certain destination already, just get a penny and start scratching at the foil covering that area on the map to reveal a colored version of the map below it. Free Shipping Worldwide


Store those loose paper clips in style with the Sink Paper Clip Holder. Watch them dangle there all day in their mesmerizing way, they won't budge an inch until you need to hold a few pieces of paper together. A clever gift for a your boss or coworker. Free Shipping Worldwide


Bring the joy of "spin the bottle" back into your adulthood life with the "spin the shot" drinking game. It plays exactly like the classic teenage game except you get drunk! The game is pretty simple, each player takes a turn spinning the arrow, if it lands on you, you take the shot. Have fair warning that this game gets you real drunk real fast. Free Shipping Worldwide

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Only dog owners will understand how serious the doggie umbrella really is. Man's best friend always comes first before anyone else in the household, so why shouldn't they get their own umbrella too? The Doggie Umbrella is like an inverted umbrella that has a 25cm leash directly under is that hooks onto your dogs leash. Guaranteed to be the driest walk of their doggie life. Free Shipping Worldwide

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Crummy weather doesn't always need to bring you down, this umbrella gives you a cheerful bright blue sky wherever you go. The most optimistic umbrella ever made. It features a clean polyester finish dual folding action, and it comes with its own carrying case. Free Shipping Worldwide