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This very well may be the most important bicycle you ever ride in your life! This bicycle won't take you up a mountain or across a valley, but it'll cut your pizza perfectly. These stainless steel wheels make slicing through pizza a blast. The ideal gift for the pizza lovers, cyclists or anyone who enjoys a laugh. Free Shipping Worldwide

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What better way to drink your morning coffee than with your very own fully customizable Brick Mug. The mug is fully compatible with all the popular brick companies (LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, K'NEX) for a unique mug that is like no one else's on earth. We have three colors to choose from, blue, black, and grey. Free Shipping Worldwide


You'll never have to cut up one little piece of lemon to get that fresh citrusy taste on your salad. The Diy Citrus Sprayer sprays a fresh blast of lemon (or other citrus fruits) with the push of a button. It's the perfect addition to any dinner table! Free Shipping Worldwide

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Well it looks like we finally found Nessie, and he's hanging out in your pot of Chili? These cute ladles are the perfect addition to any kitchen utensil drawer. Made from solid food grade silicone and they come in Blue, Green, and Pink. Free Shipping Worldwide


Sick of all those pesky wine thieves? Ya, I don't trust my family either at those get togethers. Well no there is a solution to keep your mind at ease. The Wine Lock is password protected. Easily clip it on to the top of any wine bottle, set the password and rest well knowing no one is going to be getting drunk on your dime! Free Shipping Worldwide


Watch as this mugs pixelated heart fills up with life as you pour a hot liquid into it. Recharge your morning coffee with this one of a kind ceramic mug. Measuring 9.5cm in length and 8cm in diameter the Pixel Heart Heat Changing Mug is a must have for any true gamer. Free Shipping Worldwide


Imagine not having to freeze your water bottle every time you want some ice in it. This is ultimate ice cube tray for the avid water drinker. Freeze the tray overnight for long ice cubes that fit right in your bottle. Perfect for runners, fitness buffs, school goers, and anyone else that drinks from a water bottle. Free Shipping Worldwide

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We all make tea with a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine. The Beatles were close, but who really wants to live in a yellow submarine when you can just make tea with one? The tea infuser is made from silicone and can be used for loose leaf tea in a teapot, teacup, etc.. It can also be used time and time again. Free Shipping Worldwide