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Throw all your "heart shaped" necklaces in the trash right now, because they've been lying to you and everyone your whole life. Hearts don't look like that! Where is the Aorta? Where are the Pulmonary Veins? There's not even a right or left Ventricle! Well no need to panic because you can now own your very own Anatomically correct Heart Necklace. Free Shipping Worldwide


Wouldn't it be awesome if it could feel like you're walking on freshly cut grass all the time? Well now you can with a pair of your very own grass sandals. Although it's just imitation grass these bad boys feel like the real thing, plus you don't have to water them! Free Shipping Worldwide


Stepping into to poop first thing in the morning has never felt so good thanks to the poop emoji slippers. Everyones favourite (or at LEAST top 5) used emoji has been brought to life to make your mornings just that little bit less "crappy". They measure 28cm in length and are one size fits all, but are best suited for shoe sizes 5.5-9.5 US. Free Shipping Worldwide.

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The Lighter Watch brings us one step closer to those James Bond watches we all really want. Although this watch might not get you out of a secret lair, it will light up a cigarette for you in a matter of seconds. The face of the watch slides out to expose a secret circle of fire, and the best part is you can charge it up via USB. No messy chemicals or lighter fluid involved. Free Shipping Worldwide