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That's no moon, it's a Death Star Herb Grinder. Introducing the most POWERFUL herb grinder in all of the galaxy. Your herbs and spices are no match for the dark side that lingers within the death star grinder. Each item is molded to perfection from solid zinc alloy, and looks exactly like the it does in the movies. This product makes a perfect gift for the ultimate star wars fan in your family. Free Shipping Worldwide


Every home needs it's own line of defence, and what better way to scare your enemies off than a giant Death Star wall decal. The decal shows a photo realistic image of Darth Vader's Death Star from episodes 3, 4 and 5. It sticks and stays to any clear smooth wall, window, tile, plastic and it even sticks to standard wall paper. measurements: 45cm x 45cm. Free Shipping Worldwide.


Get your beer open in less than 12 parsecs with the Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener. This is hands down the most epic bottle opener in the galaxy. Made from solid aluminum alloy and measuring 6cm x 5cm, you can now bring a little taste of the Star Wars universe to every party. Free Shipping Worldwide

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Choose your destiny very time you walk into your bedroom with these Star Wars light switch decals. They stick right onto your light switch to present the words "light side", which is the on setting, and "dark side", which is the off setting. I feel like I would never be able to turn the lights off in my house again! Free Shipping Worldwide