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Wouldn't it be awesome if it could feel like you're walking on freshly cut grass all the time? Well now you can with a pair of your very own grass sandals. Although it's just imitation grass these bad boys feel like the real thing, plus you don't have to water them! Free Shipping Worldwide


The magical world of Harry Potter features some of the easiest cosplay gear around. All you really need is a robe, a twig (wand), and one of these harry potter house scarves, and BOOM, you're right there along side all the other wizards in Hogwarts. Choose your house; Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. You can also be sorted by the sorting hat by choosing "Be Sorted" which will randomly send one of the 4 scarves. Free Shipping Worldwide

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Sometimes relationships are better when you can mark your territory, and the His Side Here Side bedding set is the most blatant way to go about doing so in the bedroom. The "her side" offers her about 3/4 of the entire bed, while the "his side" is a mere 1/4 of the bed. Tough luck guys! Each set includes 1 duvet cover as shown, and pillow cases as shown. Bedding set does not include comforter. Free Shipping Worldwide.

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Well it looks like we finally found Nessie, and he's hanging out in your pot of Chili? These cute ladles are the perfect addition to any kitchen utensil drawer. Made from solid food grade silicone and they come in Blue, Green, and Pink. Free Shipping Worldwide


Magic Thinking Putty puts regular putty to shame with it's capabilities. It does the same stuff a normal putty would do except it has it's very own magnetic field around it. Millions of tiny micron-sized magnets are infused into each handful of the magical putty. Each case of putty comes with it's very own magnet, so you can control your new creation like a mad scientist or snake charmer. Free Shipping Worldwide


Give everyone that stares at you while you're on the phone what they really deserve. This cat has got your back! He'll give anyone the middle finger that stands in between you and them. This novelty iPhone case is made of high quality soft silicone gel rubber and is available in white, black, pink, and hot pink. Free Shipping Worldwide


Show the rain what you really think of it with the middle finger umbrella. Sure you can give the middle finger to puddles and those dark rain clouds yourself, but this way you can constantly be flipping the bird towards the problem at hand. Frankly we’ve had just about enough and we’re taking it out on mother nature while we sing raindrops keep falling on my head on the way home. Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Or even better, just go away all together. Free Shipping Worldwide


Get your beer open in less than 12 parsecs with the Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener. This is hands down the most epic bottle opener in the galaxy. Made from solid aluminum alloy and measuring 6cm x 5cm, you can now bring a little taste of the Star Wars universe to every party. Free Shipping Worldwide

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No more nights fumbling around in the dark, tripping over the cat, or being blinded by switching on the bathroom light. This motion sensored light clips right onto the side of your toilet bowl and provides a steady glow so you can easily take care of business in the middle of the night. Free Shipping Worldwide


Sick of all those pesky wine thieves? Ya, I don't trust my family either at those get togethers. Well no there is a solution to keep your mind at ease. The Wine Lock is password protected. Easily clip it on to the top of any wine bottle, set the password and rest well knowing no one is going to be getting drunk on your dime! Free Shipping Worldwide


Frank? Is that you? Scare the crap out of anyone riding too close to your bumper with the Peaking Person Car Decal. The 20cm x 8cm car decal sticks easily onto any part of your car, truck or van, and is guaranteed to turn some head as you drive down the street. Free Shipping Worldwide


Give up singing in the shower and start learning all the Elements with the Periodic table of elements shower curtain. Every shower you take is one step closer to becoming everyones ultimate dream of becoming a mad scientist. The shower curtain made famous by the Big Bang Theory can now keep water from ruining your bathroom tiles. Free Shipping Worldwide