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Long gone are the days of trying to impress that special someone with a bouquet of flowers, instead, you can now send them a bouquet of Marijuana. The Lowell Herb company, based in California has created this unique service as an alternative to flower delivery.

Each bouquet is hand made from 28 grams of organically fertilized marijuana that they call “purple princess. The bouquet also includes some branches of wildflower and eucalyptus and a card from the company stating 1. We grow our flowers with only organic fertilizer 2. We never use synthetic pesticides 3. We pay our farmers a proper living wage and 4. We use natural materials from seed to sale.

The only real downfall is the price; each bouquet will cost you roughly 400 USD to send to someone. But not to worry, if you think 400 dollars is a little steep to spend on someone, there’s no rule against just sending one to yourself.

Of course, the whole process is run in a legal fashion, and yes, that does mean that the bouquets can only be send to people with medical marijuana cards.

Lowell originally made the project with a limited run of 500 for valentines day, but the idea went so viral that they continue to feature the bouquet on their website, with a “contact us directly” form for interest in purchases. I don’t really know what that means, but I sure as heck would rather get one of these sent to me on valentines then some crummy flowers.