kitchen safe

Have you ever set out to eat just a couple Oreos and it turns into a whole row, which turns into another row, and at that point you might as well finish off that last row? Well the Kitchen Safe will help you with your uncontrollably bad eating habits.

Pop those cookies, chips or candy in the container and set the timer. You can set it for up to 10 days, and you won’t be able to open it until the timer gets to zero. You’ll need to hire a wrecking crew to get through the “sturdy, high quality, container walls that are 3x thicker than typical containers”.

The idea is to give you self control over your food, or really anything else that can fit into the container. Want to stop watching so much tv? Throw it in the Kitchen Safe. Want to stop using your phone in the evenings? Toss er in the safe.

The idea was initially pitched on Shark Tank, with some over the top enthusiasm towards the product. You can check out the 60 second pitch below. [AMAZON LINK]