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This art piece by Daniel Rozin looks like a dr suess book on LSD. The interactive fur mirror, which is officially titled the “PomPom Mirror”, features a synchronized array of 928 miniature puff balls of fur.

All the pieces are organized into a three-dimensional grid of beige and black pieces. The beige represents nothing and as objects appear in front of the mirror, the mechanical back end of the mirror switches to black, representing that something is being reflected.

The most impressive part is the mechanics used behind the mirror. It uses an array of over 100 miniature motors to turn each piece “fur ball” around in real time. It relies on a motion sensor camera that lies directly above the piece. Making the real artistry in the hands of the programming Rozin created to make the whole thing come to life.

The mirror was first released in an New York exhibition called “Descent with Modification”. Being set up in a high traffic area of the gallery, it’s definitely no coincidence that the interactive piece became a quick favourite, as it captured the guests as the walked by, turning them into the fluffy work of art itself.

And For all you animal lovers out there, don’t worry, there were no animals harmed in the making of the fur mirror as it’s made from 100% fake fur.