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This abandoned village is slowly being reclaimed by nature. Before the 1990’s, Houtouwan was a thriving little fishing village. Located on the Chinese island of Shengshan, it had a population of roughly 2,000 people, comprising mostly of fishermen and their families.

But as the nearby city of Shanghai started to introduce new equipment to their fleets, the fishing supply was depleted, and residents were forced to make a decision. Either move to Shanghai and continue fishing, or find new work elsewhere. One by one nearly every house was eventually abandoned, and mother nature took it’s course, which has been slowly consuming the village over the past two decades.

It’s almost as if it’s going backwards in time, and returning to the bright green landscape it once was.To this day the village remains a ghost town, only visited by tourists and a few locals who sell things to the travellers. Although the future of Houtouwan is unclear, one thing is for certain, if it continues on the same path it’s on, it will eventually disappear completely, leaving behind only it’s story, and some incredibly stunning images.