In the middle of a manmade lake in Queensland Australia, lies this giant wave making machine. It’s purpose is to turn any flat lake into a genuine surfing sanctuary. The machine uses compressed air to thrust up and down on the surface, creating large swells that push outward in a 360 degree fashion. Which then become real surf-able waves.

Surfers can choose from several different modes, such as gentle rolling waves for beginners, and faster intense waves for advanced surfers. With waves reaching as high as 2.4 meters, and pouring out at a rate of 2,400 waves per hour, it’s no wonder that the spot has been incredibly popular among the Australian surfing community. Although wave pools are nothing new, the ability to bring a portable machine to a rural lake is a new and exciting concept.

The idea behind the machine is Australian company Surf Lakes, who’s founder, Aaron Travis, created after literally dreaming about the giant contraption. He eventually couldn’t just let the idea live in his dreams and brought the concept to reality. Ultimately creating the largest surfing lagoon on the planet.

Unfortunately most of the world doesn’t have access to surfing spots, in fact, that number is estimated at being pretty close to 99%, so with a little help from this machine, it could one day make surfing possible in all parts of the world.

[Source: Surf-Lakes]