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What if there was a better solution to air travel safety? A way that would almost guarantee your survival while flying 40,000 feet in the air. Well Russian Inventor Vladimir Tatarenko believes he has solved this problem by adding a detachable cabin to the modern day airplane.

In the event of an emergency the plane would separate it’s passengers from the rest of the malfunctioning plane, kind of like an escape pod of some sorts. Airbags, and parachutes are deployed once they are far enough away from the wreckage, and passengers are then safely glided down to the ground level.

The design, which is hypothetically made of Kevlar and carbon composites, has the ability to land on ground or water, thanks to boosters and rubber tubes that automatically inflate on water. His design even includes enough space underneath the cabin to make sure everyone’s luggage arrives with them safely too.

Since Taterenkos initial concept was unveiled, people have been divided in their support for the idea, with one person saying quote “Of the millions of flights a year, less than 500 people die worldwide per year. Seems not terribly cost effective”.

Although most people agree that the idea is pretty damn cool, it might make a little more sense on paper than it actually does in the sky.