Giant Herd Of Cows Form Message That Can Be Seen From Space

Ok, ok, this one’s a little out of the box in terms of what I post here, but it’s too cool not to. Derek Klingenberg a farmer in Kansas, and oddly enough a big Youtube personality (with over 100K followers), wrote a message with his cows when he found out a satellite was going to be above his crops. Sure, ultimately the message is only really two letters long, but how many messages have you wrote with your cows?

Klingenberg uses service called FarmersEdge, which uses satellites to photograph fields from space. The technology is useful for farmer’s to monitor their crops on a daily basis without having to use a drone (like Derek used to do) or driving out to every location.

So after a couple phone calls and some detective work, all he had to do was heard his cows into the right place at the right time, and the message to the spacecraft was done.

[H/T Atlas Obscura]

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