Are you a clown in search of love? Well chances are that you’ve tried to look for love in the normal world, you’ve tried hitting up on that beautiful girl who brought her baby brother to the show with no avail and if you are a female, chances are that you’ve lost the opportunity to be with that hot guy just because they thought you couldn’t take anything seriously. In other words, finding a partner and maintaining a relationship with a clown is not easy. At least not until ClownDating came about.

Most people in the normal world have already created a negative perception towards clowns (me included). I mean did you see IT? It hasn’t really been a good year to be a clown. In a random interview with strangers on the street, a certain woman said that she could never date a clown or anyone with a funny profession. Well, this may be the case for some people because even the dating site (which pairs clowns with other clowns, clown wannabe’s and clown lovers) acknowledges that fact.

The site which is known as clown dating offers a platform which as shown above is purely meant to connect clowns with their other half’s which to some extent is a little bit funny and weird at the same time. Imagine being on a site where everyone is a clown or is looking for one. It seems like more of a cult or an obsession. On a serious note though, everyone deserves to be loved regardless of the careers, or the amount of money plus everyone has their own special person uniquely made for them, so we let the clowns have fun with each other. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you like and what you are passionate about because each one of us will always have a different opinion so if you love clowns don’t hold back because here is an opportunity to spend your life with one.

The registration is free, and you can find yourself a clown from any country of your choice. When you first link to the site, you get to see who signed up recently and a link to register where you fill in a form with personal details such as age, city, country, gender, zodiac sign and your physical characteristics and a photo of you. In addition, you can block, see who viewed you and even get a clown outfit at 25% of the price. The site was recently featured on Ellen’s show so you can trust it is genuine.