Morning commutes just aren’t the same without something to overt your eyes from the other passengers. This subway in Seoul, South Korea has started a program that lets passengers grab a quick book to read on their journey.

The “Book Train”, as it’s called in Seoul, runs along the Gyeongui Line, which spans across 124 KM starting at Munsan Station in Paju and ending in Yongmun Station in Yangpyeong.

Due to the long journeys and wait times, the mini library was the perfect addition to the train, with one passenger saying “These books might make my journey less boring. Instead of fidgeting with my smartphone all the way to my destination, I’ll be able to read, if not for too long, which is a really good move.”

The cart has 4 shelves with roughly 500 books on board at any given time, and there’s always a book for someone with topics ranging from sci-fi to humanities to fairy tales. They even have a few poetry books.

The best part about the whole thing is it’s free! Passengers thus far have been very cooperative since day one, although I’m sure there are some places in the world where this kind of a thing just wouldn’t work.