We’ve all had that dreaded worry at one point in our lives that we’re projecting a fowl smell from the depths of our lungs. Well there’s now a way to know for sure thanks to this new device which will tell you whether or not to freshen your breath.

This handy device is simply called Mint. It has been linked to a smartphone application which is developed by the company which first developed smartphone breathalyzers. This project was funded on Indiegogo though they managed to make well over their funding goal and now sell them from their website Breathometer.

The device is designed to function as the smartphone of breathalyzers. It contains a sensor which the user breaths into. The sensor has the ability to check for the various compounds such as hydrogen disulfide, methyl mercaptan and hydrogen sulfide which are known to cause bad breathe. It also has the ability to measure the amount of moisture present in the mucus membrane. The data collected is then fed to your tablet or smartphone through the Bluetooth then you can see your results. This application will be able to tell whether you require a mint to freshen up your stinky breathe as well as if you are well hydrated.

The mint device has been purely developed by combination of science and technology. It generally helps you manage your wellbeing and hygiene. It will too be in a position to make some long term suggestions on how to improve on poor hygiene and hydration. Everyone is worried about bad breath. However, do you think you have more vital things to worry about?