Today on Yup That Exists, A barber that uses fire to cut hair, a vending machine that sells snowballs and the all you can eat KFC location

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A barber that uses fire to cut hair

A hair salon in new delhi, india cuts customers hair using fire. They first comb the hair down and add a flammable powder substance, they then proceed to set the customers hair ablaze. The constant combing through the hair distributes the fire to any dead hair follicles, killing any old, dead strands of hair. The salon says the customers love the results they are getting from it and come in daily for them.

A vending machine that sells snowballs

There’s a vending machine in downtown Minneapolis that sells snowballs. Each snowball will cost you 1 dollar, and are hand crafted and then sealed inside a can. The packaging is to ensure that it stays fresh until you need to use it. Although the snowball vending machine must have some great margins, the project wasn’t really about making money. It was actually created by digital ad agency Space150, as a marketing ploy.

All you can eat KFC location

There’s a KFC located in Banning, California that still offers customers an all you can eat option. The buffet consists of all the mashed potatoes, corn, and drumsticks you can eat. The best part about it is the price, it’s only $8.99 per person.

Although this isn’t the only KFC location in the world to offer it, it’s very rare to come across one anymore. KFC used to offer these things regularly decades ago, but now with rising prices the locations have become few and far between.