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The days of fumbling your fast food around in your car are over, thanks to this new fast food car tray. The removable car attachment clips on to your side door, cup holder, or middle console to provide you with a "classy" dinner table for your meal on the go. Swivel it 360 degrees or bend it any way you like, the textured center will keep items from rolling or sliding around the surface. Free Shipping Worldwide.

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Throw all your "heart shaped" necklaces in the trash right now, because they've been lying to you and everyone your whole life. Hearts don't look like that! Where is the Aorta? Where are the Pulmonary Veins? There's not even a right or left Ventricle! Well no need to panic because you can now own your very own Anatomically correct Heart Necklace. Free Shipping Worldwide


This is by far the easiest and coolest way to charge your batteries. Plug these batteries into any USB port to fully recharge them in 5-7 hours. They can also be charged in any typical AA Battery Charger. Great for Cameras, Remote Control Cars, MP3 Players, AV Remotes, Flashlights, etc. Free Shipping Worldwide

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This very well may be the most important bicycle you ever ride in your life! This bicycle won't take you up a mountain or across a valley, but it'll cut your pizza perfectly. These stainless steel wheels make slicing through pizza a blast. The ideal gift for the pizza lovers, cyclists or anyone who enjoys a laugh. Free Shipping Worldwide

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What better way to drink your morning coffee than with your very own fully customizable Brick Mug. The mug is fully compatible with all the popular brick companies (LEGO, PixelBlocks, Mega Bloks, KRE-O, K'NEX) for a unique mug that is like no one else's on earth. We have three colors to choose from, blue, black, and grey. Free Shipping Worldwide


Never drop loose change, fries, cell phones, or your keys down the side of your seat again. The Car Seat Gap Catcher is such a simple yet genius product, it hooks around your seat belt buckle and molds to fit almost every vehicle. Not only will it save your golden McDonlads fries, but the Gap Catcher is a must have for vehicle safety. Keep your eyes on the road and let this product do it's thing. Free Shipping Worldwide

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That's no moon, it's a Death Star Herb Grinder. Introducing the most POWERFUL herb grinder in all of the galaxy. Your herbs and spices are no match for the dark side that lingers within the death star grinder. Each item is molded to perfection from solid zinc alloy, and looks exactly like the it does in the movies. This product makes a perfect gift for the ultimate star wars fan in your family. Free Shipping Worldwide


You'll never have to cut up one little piece of lemon to get that fresh citrusy taste on your salad. The Diy Citrus Sprayer sprays a fresh blast of lemon (or other citrus fruits) with the push of a button. It's the perfect addition to any dinner table! Free Shipping Worldwide

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This toilet paper is HUGEEEE. Whatever your political beliefs are, it's safe to say that either way it's nice to wipe yourself up with the President of the United States. After a long hard day of taking crap from the man, you can now literally give a little bit back with the Donald Trump toilet paper. One roll of this 2 ply toilet paper includes 240 sheets, each with a great quality shot of Donald Trumps face on it. Free Shipping Worldwide.

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Who says you can't bring that stress free hammock vibe to your office? This hammock securely fastens to either end of your desk to provide your feet their very own miniature hammock. It even has two adjustable heights, one for work (about a foot off the ground), and one for rest (about two feet off the ground). Free shipping worldwide.


Every home needs it's own line of defence, and what better way to scare your enemies off than a giant Death Star wall decal. The decal shows a photo realistic image of Darth Vader's Death Star from episodes 3, 4 and 5. It sticks and stays to any clear smooth wall, window, tile, plastic and it even sticks to standard wall paper. measurements: 45cm x 45cm. Free Shipping Worldwide.

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Sending a nasty email? Up all night finishing an essay? Need to just take some aggression out at work? Well now you can hit enter like you really mean it with this extremely oversized ENTER key. The "key" hooks up to your computer via USB, and actually works as a proper functioning key. It also acts as a soft cushion pillow for when you need your mid day office nap. Free Shipping Worldwide